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Folding Doors

For whom are Folding Doors suitable?

Folding Doors receive their name from the special way of opening whereby they open the structure in a horizontal direction similar to the movement of an accordion.


Our Folding Doors come as a standard with a massive frame construction made either of aluminum or steel to give the door proper stability.


The field of application for our SCHNEIDER Folding Doors is very wide and can range from small workshops doors to large fire stations doors up to huge airport hangar doors, our Folding Doors will provide what you ask for.


But their main area of operation is as industrial doors since they provide very low maintenance, long endurance and many design options. The way of operation can thereby be manual, E-drive or fast automatic opening. For more details on how Folding Doors open, see also our videos manual opening and electric-drive opening.


Additionally, Folding Doors can provide excellent energy efficiency in rooms that are either heated or cooled, all while still allowing you to fully customize their design.

Your advantages with Folding Doors:

  • Design depth is 60mm for all Folding Doors , frame width 87mm to 95mm depending on the type of door used

  • Folding Doors have a very long lifespan due to robust frame construction

  • Very low maintenance costs because there are hardly any wear parts on all Folding Doors

  • Low lintel and reveal requirement for all Folding Doors

  • Excellent energy efficiency and insulation with the Folding Door AL603F Thermo

  • Three ways of opening: fast automatic opening, manual, or e-drive opening

  • Large glass areas inside the door possible with real glass for all Folding Door models

  • Low risk of crashing with vehicles, as the Folding Door remains visible for drivers in the mirror

  • Various running rails and floor connections, including heated or counter-sunk

  • Large selection of colours and decor options

  • Functional Design allows the Folding Door to be integrated into the building's facade 

  • Integrated door or active leaf available for all Folding Doors

  • Quality product made in Austria

Our Folding Doors:

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