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Road Administration Doors

Doors for Road Administration - Highway Administration

Security and safety on our roads are a highly valued common good.


To maintain it, road administrators have to ensure proper maintenance and upkeep of the roads at all times.


Therefore we will provide our road administrators with solid and reliable Road Administration Doors to make sure they can do their necessary jobs on a daily basis.

Expert recommendation for Road Administration Doors:

  • The necessary height and width, especially for maintenance vehicles such as those with a snowplow etc.

  • The ideal way of opening the door (Folding Doors are usually recommended as the driver of a vehicle has a better view on them)

  • The desired direction of opening the doors (if they open towards the outside, we recommend using heated running rails)

  • The required way of operation: fast automatic opening, manual, or e-drive opening

  • Operating costs during the life cycle of the door (Folding Doors are recommended since they have the least spare parts)

Our Bestsellers for Road Administration Doors:

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