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Workshop Doors

Doors for Car Dealerships - Truck Dealerships - Workshops - Garages

Your customers and their vehicles are what truly all that matters here.

The right doors for the different kind of dealerships and garages can vastly vary from each other depending on their purpose.

What they all have in common however, is that they need to be reliable and low maintenance.


Thus we provide you with a selection of options for your doors, fully customizable to your individual needs.

Expert recommendation for Workshop Doors:

  • Necessary height and width, as well as the size of the vehicles coming in and out

  • User behaviour and requirements on site (will the rooms be heated, is it a car wash, repair station, etc.)

  • Necessary space on the ceiling (In case the full height of the room is needed for lifting ramps or similar, we recommend folding doors)

  • Characteristics and needed performance (e.g. sound-dampening doors)

  • Design options such as glass elements for better incidence of light, colors and surfaces

  • The required way of operation: fast automatic opening, manual, or e-drive opening

Our Bestsellers for Workshop Doors:

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