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Facade Doors

Facade doors for on-site paneling of Industrial Doors and Garage Doors with different panels / facades / wood

Many would like to have the function of a door, but with the design of the building. The Facade Door is hidden in the building facade and at the same time offers the full functionality that is expected from every gate.


Facade doors, on-site paneling or individual fillings allow the door to merge harmoniously with the facade and thus form a successful transition, especially when it is installed flush with the facade.


All our common garage doors and industrial doors can be planked on site: Sectional Door DSTA40 and all Folding doors, Sliding Folding Doors, Sliding Doors, Double-Wing Doors and doors. Facade elements, Alucobond, wood, metal, ceramic, plastic, etc. can be used for the filling, taking into account the maximum weight.

Expert recommendation for Facade Doors:

  • A stable and solid basic construction made of aluminum or steel is important, as the fillings are usually very heavy

  • Taking into account the maximum weight, the garage doors and industrial doors can be planked with facade elements, wood, metal, ceramic, plastic, etc.

  • Design flush with the facade (definition and coordination of the exact positioning in the depth necessary)

Our Bestsellers for Facade Doors:

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