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Agricultural Doors

Agricultural doors, barn doors and courtyard entrance for agriculture

In agriculture, SCHNEIDER agricultural doors and gates are required for a wide variety of applications - as barn doors or courtyard entrance gates:


In a lovingly renovated winery, manor or horse farm, garage doors and entrance gates are eye-catchers. What is needed here are doors that do justice to the style and requirements of the agricultural building. Robust doors for the stable, warehouse or barn are also required. When choosing the door, it is less the appearance than the long-term, reliable use with as little maintenance as possible that is decisive.


We support you with industrial door systems that can be precisely adapted to your project and not the other way around. There are a number of gates to choose from for your agriculture, which can be harmoniously integrated into the building architecture.

Beautifully designed swing gates are often used as yard entrance gates or in the entrance area, sectional gates or folding gates are more popular for garages and large folding gates, sliding gates or roller gates are popular in the stable and storage area.

Expert recommendation for Agricultural Doors:

  • Necessary height and width

  • Design options (swing gates offer a huge variety of design options especially for farmhouses)

  • Uniform look: an individual and uniform design is possible across all door types

  • Adjustment of the colour of the door to the surrounding windows or other details of the building: almost all RAL colors are possible

  • Wooden decor option (looks almost identical to real wood, except that it does not need any further paint or maintenance)

  • The required way of operation: manual, or e-drive opening

  • On-site doubling with wood or facade is possible

Our Bestsellers for Agricultural Doors:

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