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Parking Garage Doors

Parking garage doors for underground car parks, parking garages, parking lots

Parking garages of all kinds, whether underground or in a separate building have special requirements for their doors. 

The main ones being a high demand for security against any outside intruders as well as proper operation in the daily activity. 


Particularly for highly frequented garages with many vehicles coming in and out, a high durability and low maintenance is seen as the standard. 


And in certain cases, residents and neighbours even require the operation of the Parking Garage Door to be as quiet as possible.

 Expert recommendation for Parking Garage Doors:

  • The number of parking spaces

  • Estimated opening cycles per day

  • Characteristics and needed performance (e.g. sound-dampening doors)

  • Necessary ventilation, especially for underground garages

  • Desired access to the garage via separate door, other entrances etc.

  • Operating systems: automated opening for oncoming cars, automated self-closing etc.

  • Control systems: handheld transmitters, induction loops, pull switches etc.

  • Safety measures such as traffic lights or others

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