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Roll-Up Doors

For whom are Roll-Up Doors suitable?

Roll-up doors made of aluminium or steel slats (door curtain) open to the ceiling and are wound around a shaft in a covered box. Roll-up doors are also often referred to as roller (shutter) doors or rolling shutters.

This means that the space on the ceiling as well as in front of and behind the entrance remains untouched.

Thereby the space inside the building can be fully used.

Our Roll-Up Doors guarantee perfect operation over a long period of use and are manufactured exactly to fit your situation.

Your advantages with Roll-Up Doors:

  • Roll-Up Doors are robust and durable

  • Little space is required for Roll-Up Doors in the reveal area on the ceiling

  • Roll-Up Doors offer maximum usage of the inner space in your building

  • All Our Roll-Up Doors are made from high quality materials

Our Roll-Up Doors:

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