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Our SCHNEIDER Aluminum Roll-Up Door AR2 (double-walled) is made of extremely durable extrusion-pressed aluminum slats. It opens to the ceiling and is then wound around a shaft in a covered box.


High-tech aluminum makes these doors very lightweight but also extremely durable which allows doors up to 10.000mm width and 6.000mm height. 


The surface of the Roll-UP Door AR2 can be powder-coated or with anodized aluminum, which makes it much more long-lasting than other conventional roll-up doors. Its construction is made without any wearing parts other doors have such as running rails or springs, reducing the costs for maintenance over a long lifespan.


All these facts make the AR2 superior in quality and lifespan compared to conventional Roll-Up Doors. This makes it the ideal choice for situations where the opening frequency is high and toughly built, durable doors are needed.


The SCHNEIDER Roll-Up Door AR2 (double-walled) can also be equipped with the slats of the AR1 (single-walled) available in various for more convenience. It is the go-to door for many areas where high frequency of opening and reliability for long periods of time is needed. 

Roll-Up Door AR2

    • maximum width 10.000mm x height 6.000mm
    • aluminum allows for very large, but also lightweight-doors
    • extremely durable and long-lasting materials with extrusion-pressed aluminum
    • high-quality powder coating or anodized aluminum for better durability available
    • hardly any costs for maintenance even after years of service
    • in case of a power faliure the Door can be openend manually through a crank handle
    • can also be assembled from outside the building
    • no running rails, springs or other wearing parts needed
    • very cheap life-cycle costs
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