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Commercial Doors

Commercial Doors for Loading halls - Industrial buildings

There are countless variations in industrial facilities and their exact use and purpose. 

In many cases however, the Commercial Doors of these buildings will take on a substantial part of the outer appearance of the building and thus become important for the overall energy efficiency.

Hence in such areas, a large variation of doors is needed which are low in maintenance and can provide proper energy efficiency for any kind of situation.

Expert recommendation for Commercial Doors:

  • Characteristics and needed performance (e.g. we recommend thermally separated door profiles when good isolation is required)

  • User behaviour and requirements on site (will the rooms be heated, how many opening cycles a day, etc.)

  • The required way of operation: fast automatic opening, manual, or e-drive opening

  • Design options such as glass elements for better incidence of light, colors and surfaces

  • Necessary space for loading bays, or similar

  • Necessary height and width

  • Vehicles used for loading and their requirements, such as forklifts etc.

Our Bestsellers for Commercial Doors:

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