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Folding Door AL603EEF

The innovative aluminium-frame technology EEF (Energy Efficient Frame) is setting new standards in terms of energy-efficiency, design, and sustainability. 


The thermal separation of the newly developed and patented door frame reduces heat loss and minimizes condensation of room air in the inside of the door.  


The stable aluminium frame construction allows large spaces of real glass to be used for improved light conditions inside the building. The weight of the door wings is taken up by the newly developed, durable, and smooth-running rail system.  


Another special feature of the energy-efficient frame is the two-part frame system, making the mounting of the door hidden in every possible mounting scenario.  


The SCHNEIDER Folding Door AL603EEF with thermally separated frame profiles combined with insulating material and triple glazing allows for the best possible U-value. 


Moreover, the folding door AL603EEF achieves an exceptionally high level of airtightness thanks to the coordinated contours of the frame seals.  

Folding Door AL603EEF

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