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Sliding Folding Doors

For whom are Sliding Folding Doors suitable?

No matter how different or difficult the requirements on a construction site are, our Sliding Folding Doors can handle it - from Truck workshops to massive airplane hangars, we have got you covered. 


Particularly when there is potential for huge wind pressure or when there is a really large opening in the building, the Sliding Folding Door is the perfect alternative to classical Folding Doors.


Contrary to Folding Doors, our Sliding Folding Doors let the individual elements of the door slide to a side of the opening where they ultimately will be folded by a specially designed rail.

As there are very low wear parts built into the structure, the door requires very low maintenance and is very cost-efficient.


We offer your these doors in aluminum frame, steel frame or thermally separated profiles tailor-made for your project.

For more details on how Folding Doors differ from Sliding Folding Doors, see also our section on Videos.

Your advantages with Sliding Folding Doors:

  • Very long lifespan and great endurance thanks to the robust frame structure

  • Very low maintenance costs because there are hardly any wear parts on all Sliding Folding Doors

  • Low lintel and reveal requirement for all Sliding Folding Doors

  • Perfectly suited for very large openings

  • Sliding Folding Doors are great in withstanding high wind pressures

  • Low risk of crashing with vehicles, as the Sliding Folding Door remains visible for drivers

  • Various running rails and floor connections, including heated or counter-sunk

  • Large selection of colours and decor options for all Sliding Folding Doors

  • Large glass areas inside the door possible with real glass

  • Quality product made in Austria

Our Sliding Folding Doors:

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