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Car Wash Doors

Car Wash Doors - Doors for Washing Facilities

In any washing facility the Car Wash Doors are permanently exposed to very high humidity, but also aggressive chemicals from various cleaning products. To protect from corrosion and possible costly repairs or upgrades, it makes sense for owners of such facilities to avoid standard doors in this case. 

Instead you should look for special doors equipped for exactly these circumstances.


For these facilities we recommend powder-coated aluminum doors with stainless steel fittings. All the electrinic components such as the cables and engine have to be splash-proof. Additional acid-proof coiled cables, powder-coating of galvanized parts such as the guarding rails are recommended to make doors withstand these harsh conditions.

We offer you a selection of Folding Doors and Sectional Doors especially equipped for these environments.

Expert recommendation for Car Wash Doors:

  • Plan for a proper distance between the washing system and the door itself to prevent the door from being directly exposed in every washing cycle. This will increase the lifetime of your door and prevent costly repairs.

  • Specially equipped and powder coated Aluminum Doors should be preferred to Steel Doors

  • Fittings and mounting shoule be made out of stainless steel

  • The drive, cables and electrical parts should be splash-proof

  • All cables should be acid-proof

  • Electric drive connected in accordance with the washing system opening and closing automatically is recommended instead of manual opening an closing.

  • Security installations such as light barriers or other sensors should be used

  • For Washing Systems the doors will open and close especially often. Doors with low maintenance and fewer spare parts are thus a vital criteria in operating and owning such a facility.

  • The total cost of ownership over the life cycle of such a door including repairs and spare parts are in this scenario a much higher cost factor than the initial price of the door itself.

Our Bestsellers for Car Wash Doors:

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