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Sectional Doors

For whom are Sectional Doors suitable?

With their vertical opening, Sectional Doors are perfectly suited for situations where the entire wall clearance is needed as passage.


The huge amount of design options with our SCHNEIDER Sectional Doors makes them customizable for every building's facade and according to every wish you have as a customer. You can select various colors, windows or other design elements according to your individual needs.

The operating areas for Sectional Doors are huge and can range from industrial facilities and farmhouses to fire stations or garages. 


Particularly in areas where sound-dampening doors or very good insulation for heated or cooled rooms is required our SCHNEIDER Sectional Doors with steel frame panels will do the job, whereas our aluminum framed Sectional Doors will be the right choice for industrial areas where proper visibility inside the building is necessary.

Your advantages with Sectional Doors:

  • Sectional Doors have low prices compared to other types of doors

  • Sectional Doors can be customized to your exact needs

  • Huge selection of models from Sectional Doors and types to fit your situation

  • Many design options to choose from for all Sectional Doors

  • Great sound-dampening abilities

  • Provides good insulation values

  • All Sectional Doors offer excellent price-performance-ratio 

Our Sectional Doors:

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