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Garage Side Doors

For whom are Garage Side Doors suitable?

Our SCHNEIDER Garage Side Doors can be designed in the exaclty same manner as your main door. They are made to fit your need and standards for your project. Garage Side doors are also referred to garage personnel doors or pedestrian garage doors.


Made from steel or aluminum these doors are long-lasting and built for every possible environment. You can choose to have them open to the outside or inside, with customized cladding or thermally isolated.

For your comfort we will deliver these side doors additional to all our standard Garage Side Doors we offer.

Your advantages with SCHNEIDER Garage Side Doors:

  • Our doors have a very long lifespan due to their steel and aluminum frame construction 

  • Huge selection of colors, design choices and glas to fit exactly to your building 

  • All doors offer fully customized cladding options

  • Our doors are made from high-quality materials only

  • All Doors are made in Austria

Our Garage Side Doors:

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