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Sliding Doors

For whom are Sliding Doors suitable?

Sliding doors are guided by a sliding movement to the right or left along the wall, which requires sufficient space on the side. If this space is not available, a sliding folding door can be used as an alternative, which also slides sideways towards the wall, but folds up at the end of the door opening.


SCHNEIDER sliding doors are available in aluminum, steel and with the AL603S Thermo sliding gate, also a thermally separated alternative. Due to fewer wearing parts, they are low-maintenance and easy to repair and can be operated either manually or electrically.


Our sliding doors are manufactured according to your individual requirements. In addition to numerous options for coloring, such as powder coating in RAL or wood optics and anodizing, there are also many visual design options, such as the sun motif, available to you. There is also the possibility of doubling up with wood and facade.


For this reason, SCHNEIDER sliding doors are not only used in industry as hall sliding gates, but are also often bought for halls and garages in agriculture.

Your advantages with Sliding Doors:

  • - Sliding Doors offer a very long service life due to robust frame construction

  • - Sliding Doors provide low operating and maintenance costs due to low number of wear parts

  • - Ideally suited for applications with large door openings

  • - Unlike Folding Doors, no space required for wings to swivel

  • - Low impact risk: Sliding Doors are within the driver's field of vision in the mirror

  • - Quality product made in Austria

Our Sliding Doors:

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