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The basic model of SCHNEIDER aluminium folding doors AL601F 2.0 is a good option for smaller doors with lower frequency.


SCHNEIDER aluminium folding doors are spacesaving, and hardly any maintenance and upkeep costs are incurred, since a solid folding door has practically no wear-parts.


The possibility to individually design the door with numerous colours and patterns, among others the popular sun motif, makes SCHNEIDER folding doors also interesting for agricultural farmsteads and private properties.

Folding Door AL601F Light

    • Lightweight, stable design
    • High-tech material
    • Design depth: 60 mm
    • Area of application up to 10.4 m in width x 4.8 m in height
    • Screw- and plug-type connections
    • Car wash box: Pre-anodised forcorrosion protection and powder-coated aluminium doors
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