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Doors For Private University Karl Landsteiner

Folding Doors invisibly integrated into the building's facade

Karl Landsteiner University is one of the most renowned universities in Austria for medical education. For this project doors were needed, which can fully be integrated into the design of the overall building but still allow the full functionality as expected.

Another beautiful example of how our Folding Doors can be used as an element for the entire architecture, made possible with cladding of 4mm Alucobond plates. 

The Door itself creates a perfect transition between the building and the opening.

The result is a door which is hardly even visible from the outside but at the same time keeps its full functionality.

Project Data

  • Project: Private University Karl Landsteiner

  • Location: Krems (Austria)

  • Client: Provate Universtiy Karl Landsteiner

  • Finished: 2016

  • Products used: 2x Folding Door AL602F , wings parted in 2x2

  • Color: RAL 9005

  • Suited for Alucobond claddings

Product used:

Folding Door AL 602F Robust

Folding Door AL 602F Robust

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