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Airborne Technologies Hangar

Doors for high-tech planes and helicopters

Storing modern airborne equipment and planes in a new hangar for Airborne Technologies was the task for this project. 

Our SCHNEIDER Folding Door more than 20 meters wide protects these precious vehicles from rain,  storms and all kinds of bad weather.

The thermically insulated profiles of our AL603F Thermo Folding Door with 60mm in depth provides improved energy effiency. The massive construction makes these doors extremely durable to hold large areas of real glass as you can see in the beautiful design of the hangar.

Our SCHNEIDER Steel Folding Door ST602F Strong can be used for even larger heights and widths, withstanding even more extreme conditions.

We are proud to have served Airborne Technologies in this remarkable project and are thankfull for the great operation during the project.

Project Data

  • Project: Airborne Technologies

  • Location: Vienna (Austria)

  • Client: Airborne Technologies

  • Finished: 2018

  • Product used: 1 Folding Door AL603F Thermo, wings parted in 8+8, 20m wide x 5,6m high

  • Product used: 1 Folding Door ST602F Strong, wings parted in 10+10, 22,5m wide x 6,2m high

  • Color: RAL7021

Product used:

Folding Door AL 603F Thermo

Folding Door AL 603F Thermo

Folding Door ST602F Strong

Folding Door ST602F Strong

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