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Emergency Center Jena

Secure and reliable Doors in case of catastrophe

Securing critical infrastructure: protection from disasters of all kind becomes ever more important in societies all around the world.

The task at hand is to deal with risks concerning life and health of people and to protect the local community.

Our SCHNEIDER AL602F Folding Doors made from aluminum make sure that vehicles can quickly enter and exit the building when lives are at risk.

We are proud to be a part of this important project for critical infrastrucutre.

Project Data

  • Project: Emergency Center Jena

  • Location: Jena (Germany)

  • Client: City of Jena Commercial Real Estate

  • Finished in: 2016

  • Products used: 27 Folding Doors AL602F, wings parted in 2+2, Doors included

  • 4 Doors AL602T

  • Color: DB 703 

  • Glazing: ISO real-glas

Product used:

Folding Door AL602F

Folding Door AL602F

Door AL602T Robust

Door AL602T Robust

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