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Car Dealership Höglinger-Denzel

More comfort. More service. More fun driving.

This was the slogan under which the BMW car dealer Höglinger Denzel in Linz, Austria renovated their lot for used car sales. Aligned with the corporate identity and the surrounding design of the business we delivered door solutions from their new showroom and garage up to their car wash.

The pick-up area where customers get their new cars delivered is now opened by a SCHNEIDER Folding Door AL602F Robust with full glazing, aligned with the architecture of the building. The workshop and storage area are protected by new ALU60 Thermo Sectional Doors with great thermal insulation. The washing facility received ALU60 Thermo Sectional Doors as well, while ALU40 Sectional Doors were used inside where no thermal insulation is required. All Doors in the washing area are estecially equipped with our washing-set and are splash-proof.

The way up into the parking garage is protected by one of our SCHNEIDER DSTA40 Sectional Doors made with perforated elements to fit neatl into the facade.

The result speaks for itself.

Project Data

  • Project: Car dealership BMW Höglinger-Denzel

  • Location: Linz, Austria

  • Finished: 2018

  • 1 Folding Door AL602F, Basic 2+2 with light barrier, glazing

  • 1 Sectional Door DSTA40: Parking Lot, Functional Design integrated into the facade

  • 3 Sectional Doors ALU60: Special car wash edition with door included, light barrier, signal lights

  • 6 Sectional Doors ALU60: with reflective light barrier

  • 2 Sectional Door ALU40: with reflective light barrier

Product used:

Sectional Door DSTA40

Sectional Door DSTA40

Folding Door Al603F Thermo

Folding Door Al603F Thermo

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