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White Gull Airport

Our Doors open the way to the sky!

To reliably protect precious planes and open the way to the sky for them was the task for this project.

Done for an institution which is an integral part of it's city since 1949.

For this task out SCHNEIDER Sliding Door AL602S was the ideal choice.

It had not only to close a very wide opening, but it also had to optically integrate itself into the building's facade.

We kindly thank the flying club White Gull for the great cooperation!

Project Data

  • Project: White Gull Airport

  • Location: Wels (Austria)

  • Client: Flying Club White Gull

  • Finished: 2020

  • Products used: 1 Sliding Door AL 602S, 39,7m wide x 4,0m high

  • Color: A6 C0

Product used:

Sliding Door AL 602S

Sliding Door AL 602S

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